About Biharprabha Jobs

At Biharprabha we believe that  only you have the right competency and temperament  to be the pillar of an organisation.We endeavour to fill the missing link between you and  your dream career in the state.Thousands of vacancies remain open in Bihar but away from job seekers.We aim to eliminate this gap.


  • To fill the employment gap in Bihar.
  • To highlight the employment opportunities in the state.
  • To establish Bihar as an industrial hub.

Other Services

Biharprabha News has grown to be a massively viewed and ,the first-of-its-kind news portal in Bihar.It presents all the development/Non-Criminal/Non-political news of Bihar at one place, so that you can be proud of your Bihar and visulize how its growing.


Biharprabha Local is a upcoming classifieds portal featuring the trade of various commodities and services in Bihar.

The Team

The founding Team comprises of professionals from Bihar, who are passionate in contributing towards the development of Bihar. Although headquartered in Patna, Biharprabha team is spread all over the globe